Lumberyards & Retailers
Outside Salesmen!
Does your Contractors help desk hand you back your new customers blueprints and
say "If you want a bid on these plans you'll have to do the take off yourself or wait
'till next Tuesday if you want us to do it" Tuesdays too late. Let an expert help, keep your new customer happy. TALK TO US!

Contractors Desk!
Do your outside salesmen want bids back this afternoon for the plans they forgot to
give you last week and you don't have time to get to 'till Tuesday? Need some
professional help? TALK TO US!

Owners, Managers!
Are you keeping your customers happy? Do your salesmen and counter help send
potential customers down the street to your competition to get their take off done.
Wouldn't you laugh at the competition if they sent their customers to you (or just say
a silent "Thanks"). TALK TO US!

A Smarter Way to Work!
Takeoffs offers fast accurate take offs. A full service lumberyard needs to keep a handle on costs, and one way is using service to do materials lists. No added payroll for employees that may or may not be busy. No training costs. State of the art
hardware and software solutions with no capital outlay. No errors and omissions
insurance, reduced liability, and absolute costs that can be linked directly to each bid.

A New Sales Tool!
We can help your lumber desk go from doing take offs because you "have to" to
actively using Take-Off as a sales tool. A tool your salesmen can use to bring in new customers and keep previous customers coming back. Take-Off is a
registered service mark of Compu-Build. When you work with Compu-Build you can
have confidence you're working with an industry pioneer with decades of experience doing material lists.