Construction Estimating
Our services are used by large lumber suppliers such as Home Depot,
Contractors Warehouse, Meeks Lumber, Lumberjack, and Supply One, as
well as Contractors and Owner Builders, to quickly and accurately generate
materials lists from blueprints.

Now this same system developed by Compu-Build for large retailers is
available to everyone.

Framing estimates include lumber, studs, plate, sheeting, rafters, shear
and siding, sheathing, common hardware, gypsum board, insulation, and
roofing. Framing quantities include allowances for waste and cuts.

Two complete lists are furnished - the builder's copy; subtotaled by first
floor framing, rafters, sheeting, etc., and the lumberyard's copy totaled and
sorted by species and size for easy pricing.

Takeoffs Construction Estimating and LHAA (Sixfifty Corp) was contracted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) with the DOE for the 2009 Solar Decathlon to perform cost estimating and architectural plan review. We were again contracted for the 2011 Solar Decathlon to provide all cost estimating, advising on the architectural documentation quality, compiling the product directory database, documenting discrepancies from the team’s design documents to the project built on site, and assisting with formulating guidelines for the competition.