What is a Takeoff?
A Takeoff is an estimate of the materials needed to construct a building. An
experienced estimator looks at your blueprints, takes measurements of the walls,floor
spaces, roof, etc... and determines what lumber, hardware, and building materials
will be needed to construct the building.

Who uses the Take-Off?
Banks, contractors, owners and lumberyard use a Takeoff to determine costs as
well as what materials will be needed for the project.

Who does the Take-Off?
Take-Off uses experienced contractors, estimators, and designers to read your blueprints and make estimates. Lumberyards use in-house estimators but more often salesmen to do estimating by hand or with off the shelf software. Contractors often do their own estimates using their personal experience and past jobs as guides.

How accurate is a Take-Off?
Compu-Build, using its exclusive Take-Off software and experienced estimators are
usually within 5% of actual cost. Results can vary do to many factors, an estimate is
just that; an estimate.

What if my plans change after I've gotten my Take-Off?
Because our Take-Offs detail not only what materials are needed but also where
those materials are used it is easy to change a line of your Take-Off.

Can I get a Take-Off from incomplete plans?
Banks often want a bid from your lumberyard for your loan approval. So you need
that bid sometimes before your plans are back from the architect, engineer or building department. While the estimate won't be absolutely complete, it is nearly always complete enough for a good cost estimate.